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I'm looking for a feature to spilt bill by item name , item quantity and payment

I've encountered a number of times that when a table with a large group of people (mainly business travellers) make ask for the billing, they requested to spilt the bill by the items they order, and sometime spilt by the amount of the bill and they usually request for individual receipt for each of them. 

More difficultly, they uses different payment type(e.g. cash, master, visa, Amex etc.)

I'm looking for a feature to allow the splitting of bills in different ways. Thanks! 

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1. For Split Bill by items

In the payment payment, just clicks on the More icon and follow by Split Bill.

Select the items to be billed and clicks Done.

2. For Split Bill by Total Amount

In the payment page, just clicks on the Add Payment icon.

A new payment mode will be added.

To create customized payment type, go to Setting->Payment Type.

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