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No waiter option

Hello there, i found the app really good, but i think that has to be an option for food services without waiters, with no tables, a single wait line and in my case i would like the possibility to place the order paid in advance and the order still go to kitchen "cooking".


We are glad that you liked our app. For the type of food services you have we suggest that you use the Quick Order (See attached photo below). 

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Dennis Mariano

FoodZaps Support Team

I can't find setting for menu item printing to more than 1 printer. this is used for chinese restaurant that need cook food in 2 kitchen place and also need checker printer for summary order, for example they order some food and drink. for food printing in kitchen and drink printing in bar. but we need 1 printer for printing summary item food and drink. so i need 1 menu item can print multiple printing. thanks




At the Setting>Ordering Printer, you can add another printer and you set the Prepare Station as Common. This will print both menu items assign to the kitchen and bar.


FoodZaps Support Team 

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