1. Quick Order can be located in the main menu screen, it will be in the red box.

2. In Quick Order, there will be four different boxes.

3. 1st box: Turquoise box is the Table Selection. 

4. Going in to Table Selection, it allows you to view all the tables in the outlet. 

    You are also able to view the amount of items the customers have ordered

    within the table box.

5. 2nd box: Red box is the Unpaid Order.

6. Going in to Unpaid Order, the whole of the tab on the left-side will be used 

    to display all orders that are still unpaid. If there are any unpaid order showing

    in the tab, it will display how many items does the order have and also how long

    since the order was last changed/taken. 

7. 3rd box: Orange box is the Paid Order.

8. Going in to Paid Order, similar to the Unpaid Order, it will show you all the

    orders that have been paid in the paid list. By pressing "More" on the top right

    of the tab, you will be able to see paid orders on previous day if needed.

9. 4th box: Big box under the rest is the Order List.

10.  Going in to the Order List, it will show you all the items the customer have 

         selected from the food menu on the right of the page. After choosing, items 

       will appear on the Order List displaying the quantity selected, name of item

       and price of the item. 

11. On the top of the Order List tab, there is a bin and a button icon. The bin

      clears the current order in the Order List. The button opens a new tab of options

      which allows you to view an edit the table number, amount of PAX and table note.

      Inputting a table number will change the table selected for order. PAX is basically

      how many people. Table Note lets you input information about the table or person

      on the table like "VIP" or "Critic". Beside the Table Note, there is an icon resembling 

      a person, pressing that lets you add customer information like their Title, Name, 

      Contact and Address for reference. 

11. Back to the Order List, by pressing on "Cash" at the bottom, it will display other

      payment method that you can choose from. You are able to add in your custom

      payment method in the settings. Payment can also be split when you press this

      a dollar sign icon beside payment method option.