1. Tapping on an item in the Order List will display a few choices.

2. Cancel Order is to cancel the item from the list.

3. Edit Order gives you the option to change the price of the item, and also an input

      of any special request by the customer like "no spice added" or "medium-rare".

4. Set Status/Progress lets you change the status of the item. If the item is unpaid, 

      the only option will be to "cancel order". But if the item is already paid, status besides 

      "cancel order" can be changed to "preparing", "cooking" or "cooked".

5. Split by Quantity basically splits the quantity in half. This option works if you have set

       multiple sizes for the dish.

6. Discount by %, the amount needed to pay will be deducted by how much percentage

       you input. It will show you the before and after price of an item if you key in a number 

      in the percentage box.

7. Complimentary, allows customers to input a coupon, if the coupon is valid, the amount 

      charged to the customer will be changed to $0.

8. Waste/Spill, this will mark the item as Food Waste, Spoilage or Drink Spillage. Item

      selected will be deducted from the inventory and record as zero sales.

9. Once the desired items are picked by the customer who wants to pay by cash, our

      software is smart enough to calculate the change that needs to be returned to the 

      customers after deduction. If no amount was placed, the software will take it as exact

       amount was given by the customer and the order will be marked as Paid.