1. Search Member by QR Code
  2. Different bill discount for different tier member
  3. Issue points / Reward points / Cashback using points
  4. Email Notification
  5. Item Redemption using points
  6. Voucher Redemption using points
  7. Open Voucher Redemption using points
  8. Store the member preference such as what she/he like and dislike
  9. View the member past order
  10. Web Portal to register/update their email
  11. Web Portal to check transaction and points
  12. Member has priority over the QR Ordering

Member Information

Card No / Member IDThis is to identify the members.NIt is recommended to be in numberic format at at least 8 digits.
Pin no / PasswordFor member to access the Pineapple Login portal.N It is self-generated random.
EmailSend email notification to user when the points are issued, redeemed or cancel. Use for Search but must be unique.YWith the card no/pin no, user has the options to update their email and name through the pineapple portal.
Phone NumberPhone Number. Use for Search but must be unique.YFor information
Date Of BirthDate of BirthYFor information
Card Expiry DateMember Expiry DateYComing soon
CountryCountryYFor information
TitleMr, Mrs, MissYFor information
Option 1CustomizationYFor information
Option 2CustomizationYFor information
Option 3CustomizationYFor information

Membership Tiers

Support 5 different tiers and the differences are:

- Name

- Bill Percentage Discount

- Dollars to Pineapple Points (Point Multiplier)

The smallest unit for Point Multiplier is 0.01.

Issue Points / Cash Back 

It depends on the Point Multiplier. 

Example, if the Point Multiplier is 0.01, when member spend $100.00, it will gain 1point

Quick Order

[ Screen shots coming soon ]

Order Station

[ Screen shots coming soon ]

Redeem Points

During redemption, 1 point is equivalent to 1 dollar.

When the redemption is successful, a new bill will be auto generated to reflect the amount that has been redeemed. 

The bill will be auto closed using the payment type known as PA and allocate under table PA.

Voucher with fixed value

Create an item with negative price value

Voucher with open value

Create an item with zero price value

Redeem Item

1 point is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Quick Order

[ Screen shots coming soon ]

Order Station

[ Screen shots coming soon ]


Bottle Management

Can be used to record member bottle no

QR Code