This procedure is to learn how to manage/edit your menu remotely on your online portal

Before you begin, you will need to ensure your controller is connected to internet.

*****NOTED: Edit menu can only be done on ONE platform (control station OR online portal) at a time, menu conflict will be occurred if both platform are performing edit menu at the same time*****

1. For the first time, you must have at least 1 menu item created on your control station.

2. On the controller, go to Settings --> EMenu.

3. Upload your existing menu from cloud to web portal, Go to the drop down menu located at the upper right and select EMenu Cloud Sync.

4. After syncing the menu to the cloud. Your menu is now available on your online portal. Go to Foodzaps Log in Portal and log in with your registered username and password.

5. Go to Control Station page and click the Menu.

6. Here on the Menu you can add, edit, delete, hide menu items.

    Note: In adding a new menu item, after you have filled up the necessary information (photo, name, price, category, etc.), you must

    click on the left (on any point on the current list of menu items) in order for the new item to be transferred to the current list.

7. After you're done editing your menu, don't forget to save by clicking the Save to Cloud button. Then log out.

8. On your controller, repeat step 2 to synchronise the updated menu.