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Here are the frequent questions we usually get from our FoodZaps users. If you couldn't find your answer here, just drop us with an email at! We are always here to help.

Q: Do I need to close the sales for today?
A: No. The system automatic closed the sales and generate the daily report. The time when the sales is closed is based on the Restaurant Closing Hours wh...
Wed, 4 Mar, 2015 at 5:57 PM
Q: How to subscribe/unsubscribe to the daily sales report?
A: Subscribing email to the daily sales report     1. Login to     2. Select "Control Station" Tab     3. ...
Mon, 14 Dec, 2015 at 1:59 PM
Q: How to export report details to excel file ?
A: 1. Login to FoodZaps' web portal via      2. Under Reports, Click to choose the type of report to export : "Orde...
Wed, 4 Mar, 2015 at 5:58 PM
Q: Do I have to login to cloud for sending reports via email ?
A: No, you're not required to login to cloud to receive the daily sales report. You're required to verify the registered email OR you can lo...
Tue, 21 Jun, 2016 at 10:21 PM
Q: How to Print Daily Sales Report through HP ePrint?
Please ensure that the HP ePrint application is installed on the device Instruction...
Thu, 24 Sep, 2015 at 8:57 AM
Sales Report Terminology
Term Example (TAX Exclusive) Example (TAX Inclusive) Comment Item 1 Original Price   $ 100.00  $ 100.00 Original Selling Price Item 1 Dis...
Mon, 9 Oct, 2017 at 8:42 AM