Customer Display Terminal is used to view to the customer of what they are ordering and the corresponding price each and the total cost during Quick Order.

What you need:

  • Must be subscribed Full Course Plan.
  • A tablet at least 1GB RAM with Android OS v 4.0 or later.
  • Customer Display Terminal App. You can download the app at the Play Store. Just type 'foodzaps' on the search bar then select the "Customer Display Terminal".   

Set up procedure:

  1. Ensure you connect the Customer Display Terminal device on the same wifi network as the controller device.
  2. Download FoodZaps app on the Customer Display Terminal and put the device as client mode. Click here procedure on how to connect client to the controller.
  3. Next download the app for the Customer Display Terminal following the link provided to you by FoodZaps Support Team then install and launch.



      4.  Tap the icon at the upper left to access settings (See photo above)

      5.  Enter the password. Default password is 1234.

      6.  A menu bar will appear. Below are the menu options.





      7.  Below are the items under the Settings(  )



      8.  After you configured the settings of the Customer Display Terminal, tap <-Settings on top then X.

      9.  At the controller, go to Settings>Internet of Things>Customer Display Terminal. Ensure you type the same as the

           info shown at (  )

     10. At the controller, go to Quick Order. Observe the icon at the Customer Display Terminal device it should turn green to indicate it

           is connected to the controller device (See below photo). If not, tap "Reconnect" at the controller which is located at the lower 

           left part of the FoodZaps main screen.

     11. Once connection is successful, you may test by taking an order. See sample display below.



           You can change the position of the text display (refer to step 7 Text screen position)



            This icon is an option if customer wants the receipt to be sent to their email. Tap this icon to enter their email address then

           tap send.