The purpose of converting LAN printer to Wifi is when cases there is no available network point inside the premises.


What you need:

- Computer capable to connect to WiFi, Tablet or Smart phone.

- 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router TL-WR702N

Configure TP-Link WR702N as LAN to WiFi Adapter for Printer

1. Plug in to power the TP-Link WR702N.

2. Connect your computer, tablet or smart phone to TP-Link WR702N by WiFi. Refer to the back of the unit for the SSID and password. See sample below.


3. Once connected, open a web browser and type the address

4. Enter user id and pass word which also appears at the back of the unit.

4. Click on Quick Setup then Next.



5. Choose Client Mode then Next.


6. If you know your main router SSID, MAC address, security settings you can type in directly then enter the pass word (if your SSID is hidden you must do

    this procedure). Else you click Survey.


7. From the AP List, look for your main routers SSID then click Connect. 



8. Then provide the password then click Next.

9. Click Reboot.


10. The device is now ready. You connect the TP-Link WR702N to the printer using ethernet cable.

Note: This type of printer connection may not be stable (i.e WiFi disconnection, interference by kitchen equipment like microwave oven). Ethernet connection is still recommended.