A: Communication between devices on a network (either by Ethernet or by Wireless) is by using the logical address or what we call the IP address (i.e assigned to a corresponding MAC address or what we call the physical address of a device.

To further explain:

IP address - is a logical address that is assign either fix or automatically assign to a specific device connected to a network by a DHCP server which is usually the router on a network.

MAC address - is fix address embedded to the network interface card (NIC) of a device (mobile phone, printer, computer, etc.)  

Usually newly purchased printer by default is set to a fix IP address. Such IP address causes mismatch to your network (i.e and your network gateway or router's IP address is If you will connect it to a router you will not be able to communicate to the printer. What you need to do is to configure it to dynamic (automatic DHCP) or leave it static (fix) but modifying the IP address according to your router's IP address (see details below). You may follow the attached file (how to configure epson printer) the only difference is the configuration page (depending to the model of your printer) or you can refer to the manual that comes with your printer. Usually it comes also with a CD to install a utility software that can be used to configure your printer.

Example below on how to set fix IP address: 

If my router's IP address (network gateway) is you may assign IP address to your printer any from to 

          IP address            : any from to

          Subnet mask        :

          Default Gateway  :

If my router's IP address (network gateway) is you may assign IP address to your printer any from to

          IP address           : any from to

          Subnet mask       :

          Default Gateway  :

You may refer to the link below on how to determine your router's IP address.


If you configured inside your printer to dynamic (automatic DHCP) mode, you need to assign fix IP address for your printer inside your router's setting. You may refer to your router's manual on how to assign fix IP address. 

It is important to assign a fix IP address for your printer (either in printer itself or on the router's setting) when using FoodZaps. This is to prevent you from always setting up the printer inside the FoodZaps app. Because if it is not fix, once you turn off your printer or worst case you turn off your router and then turning them back on will cause the router to assign different IP address to your printer. This will cause failure to print.