- Managing large number of menu items is very time consuming if you will enter it one by one.

- Below steps will guide you on how to manage large number of menu items.

Step 1: Create a folder where you can save all the files needed together with the photos for each menu item. See sample below.


Step 2: Fill up the attached excel file template as per below detail. See also sample illustration below.

            picture - the name of each photo associated to the each menu item. Ensure that the name of the photo includes the file  

            extension (i.e. .png, .jpg).

            name - name of the menu item.

            category - it is where the menu item will be group (i.e. dessert, drinks, main course, starter, soup, etc.).

            price1_name, price2_name, price3_name - price name (glass, bottle, medium, large, half dozen, dozen, etc) corresponding 

            to the price value price1_value, price2_value, price3_value respectively.

            desc - you have the option to fill this up. You can put description of the menu item which will be helpful when doing search on 

            the menu.

            modifier - these are the option/modifier on certain menu item like Steak. You need to put option/modifier for tenderness (rare,

            medium rare, medium well, well done). Do take note that each modifier must be separated by comma without any space. For

            multiple selection of option, a comma must put at the end of the last modifier.


Step 3: Replace all comma with semicolon 

Step 4: Save after completing the excel template. Then convert it to CSV file by saving as CSV file.

Step 5: Convert the CSV file to JSON file. You can use this link for the conversion. http://www.convertcsv.com/csv-to-json.htm

             At "Step 1: Select your input" - choose the file to be converted to JSON file.

             At "Step 2: Choose Input Options" - choose the Field Separator to "," (comma).

             At "Step 5: Generate output" - choose CSV To JSON.

             Click "Download Result" to download the file and put on the created folder.

Step 6: Open the json file and then add on top



             and    }  and the end and then save

Step 7. Copy the folder to the android device using usb drive.

Step 8. On the android device, go to Settings>Edit Menu>Import Menu(JSON) and locate the JSON file on the device folder where it was saved.

Step 9. After importing process has finished, your menu will now appear at the Menu.

Note: Set-up for set meal and add-ons must be done at edit menu. It cannot be set on this procedure.