Note: Inventory is only applicable on Full Course Plan subscription and during the Premium Trial period.

Below are the steps on how to setup the Inventory.

1.0  On the FoodZaps' main screen, select the "Inventory"


2.0  For the first time you are going to add a stock item, it will go directly to below page.

  • Fill in the information of the stock item and then "SAVE"


  • A new stock item already added on the list


  • If you want to add another stock item, just tap the "Plus" icon on top right and do step 2.0 again.


3.0  To link the stock item to a menu item: 

  • Go to Setting>EMenu

  • Select the item where to link the stock item by tapping it.



  • Once menu item to be link is selected, tap the "Set Meal / Inventory" area.


  • Select "Inventory"


  • Select the stock item to link. If you cannot see on the list, you can search the item name. Then add the quantity how much will be deducted on the stock (based on UoM defined on Step 2.0)


  • It will reflect the quantity to be deducted for every sale of the menu item.

4.0 To add new stock:
  • Go to Inventory, select the stock item to add new stock. Then tap "Add".


  • Choose the type of transaction and enter new stock either in UoM or in Stock Display Unit


  • A new stock transaction will be reflected.

  • To add more stock to this item you can tap the  
  • To edit the stock details, you select  
  • After adding stock item/s, you must update the current stock on the menu by selecting "Check Sales Item's Stock" on the "More".


  • Alternatively, once you press "back" on your device, a message will popup "Sales Item's Stock Check". Select "Yes".