There are cases we accidentally reset our control station or worst it is damaged, and you cannot use it anymore. 

- To keep your operation running, just get a Client device and then convert it to your Control Station.


On your Client Device

1. First, login as administrator and convert the device from Client to Stand-Alone mode. Go Setting>This Device>Switch to Stand-Alone. Then tap 'OK' 


2. Then convert from Stand-Alone to Control Station mode. Go Setting>This Device>Switch to Control Station. Then tap 'OK'.



3. When converted to Control Station, you must login using your FoodZaps account on Setting>Plan & Billing.


4. Once login, you must select OK when the system asks you if you want to transfer your plan to this device. Follow the steps on the popup message in transferring your plan to this device. You may also refer to this link for the procedure- Transfer plan to another device. After successful login, this device now becomes your temporary control station


5. If you have more Client device that you need to connect to this new Control Station, just follow the steps on this link - How to connect devices to Control Station.


6. Perform backup (Setting>This Device>select 'Backup Data' on the drop down menu located on the upper right).


7. If you want to restore your tablet again, use the backup file to restore the menu and settings. Transfer of file can be through Bluetooth, USB, or Google Drive. You may follow this link on how to restore the backup file -  Switch Control Station to a new device / Reset Control Station