- Installed 'FoodZaps' app. Note that for users using an old version, must update to the latest version using the 'Play Store.'

- POS printer capable of Bluetooth connection

- 'POS Bluetooth Printer Boost' application

1. Establish Bluetooth connection on both printer and the Control device (pairing). You may refer to the manual of your printer.

  • Go to device setting   --> Bluetooth  -->Turn On
  • Select the Bluetooth printer under 'Available Devices'. In the example below, the available Bluetooth printer is EP-58A.  



  • Once the printer is selected, you will need to enter a PIN. You may refer to the manual (hardcopy or CD) that comes with your printer. Once you enter the PIN, it will establish a connection. When done, it will show on the screen the device is now under 'Paired Devices.'



2. Install the 'POS Bluetooth Printer Boost' application.
  • Go to 'Play Store' and type 'FoodZaps' on the Search Bar. Select the ''POS Bluetooth Printer Boost' and install.


  • Once installed, look for the application icon below. Tap to open.


3. Setup your Bluetooth printer on the application
  • Tap 'Search for Devices' then select the printer on 'Paired Devices.'


  • You can change the 'Nickname' of your printer or leave as is. 
  • Under 'Setting' is the MAC address of your printer. Should you decide to change the Bluetooth device, just tap this it will show you again the 'Paired Devices.' 
  • Tap 'Test Print' to print out information (ex: if printer supports other font size, graphics)
  • The Network Port leave as is to 9100. If you have other Bluetooth printers, you must assign another Port number (i.e., 9101)
  • Auto Save must be left enabled so that if any order slip or receipt that did not print out due to some error, you will be able to go back and print again.
  • Tap on 'Save & Exit.'



4. On the FoodZaps app, setup the Receipt and Ordering Printer 
  • Set the following on the Receipt printer:
            1. Brand => Bluetooth Server 
            2. Mode => choose based on the size of paper you are going to use 80mm or 50mm width.
            3. Dots/Char per line => select as per below matrix

Dots/Char per line Matrix 

Paper SizeModeDots/Char per line
 50mmNormal (50mm)
^Text (non graphic) use '32'
Graphic use '376'
 80mmNormal (80mm)
*Large (80mm)
*Extra Large
^Text (non graphic) use '48'
Graphic use '576'

    * Only applicable for Ordering Printer setup & if the printer supports graphic print

     ^ For printers that do not support graphic print 

          4. Connection => do not tap the search icon. Just type local host '' then do printer test by tapping 'Sample Receipt.'

          5. Tap 'Save & Exit.'


  • Set the Ordering Printer with the same configuration as Receipt Printer. For 'Dots/Char per line' select based on the above Dots/Char per line Matrix. Finally, do the printer test by tapping 'Sample Order Slip.'



  • Tap 'Save & Exit.'

5. Troubleshooting:

After I setup the Bluetooth app, it does not show the printer when I tap the 'Search for Devices'- The printer is not turned ON

- Bluetooth of your Android device is OFF

- The Bluetooth printer and the Android device are not paired

- Turn ON printer

- Turn ON Bluetooth

- Perform pairing
Already paired and setup the Bluetooth app and yet It does not print when I do Sample Receipt or Sample Order Slip- The 'Brand' is not set to 'Bluetooth Server.'

- The Bluetooth app is closed

-IP address is not set or incorrect
- Select 'Bluetooth Server' under 'Brand.'

- Open the Bluetooth app. It must always be running in the background. Check that the two icons below appear on the upper screen of your Android device.


- Set IP address to
It does not print the logo I configured on the receipt.- 'Dots/Char per line' is not set correctly.

- Printer only supports text print
- Correct the 'Dots/Char per line' as per Dots/Char per line Matrix above (See Section 4)

- Check your printer's manual.

6. How to print Receipt or Order Slip that did not print due to error (i.e. device or printer error).
  • Go to FoodZaps' Bluetooth app.


  • Select the Bluetooth printer.


  • Tap 'View Printer Log.'


  • Select the desired job to print. The red color indicates that there was an error so it did not print.

  • Then tap 'Print Out' to print again.      


  • Once successfully printed out, the color will change and the status will go from 'Error' to 'OK'