The purpose of Promotion/Category Grouping is for you to set a group of menu items to make it simpler rather than displaying all the categories.

Another advantage of this feature is that you can set when to appear/hide for a certain period of time of the day or on a specific day week or both on your menu.

Below is the procedure on how to setup.

1.0 Simple Promotion/Category Grouping

    1.1 Go to FoodZaps Setting and then select "Promotion" or "Category Grouping"

   1.2 Tap "Add" to create a group

   1.3 Enter the name of the category group then tap "OK"

  1.4 Select the Sub Category to be group then tap "OK"

   1.5 Then tap "Save and Exit"

   1.6 On the FoodZaps=>Device Specific Interface, under Quick Order, enable the "Show Category Grouping Only"

   1.7 If you want to show only the Category Group on the display, go to Settings=>Device Specific Interface, under Quick Order, enable the "Show Category Grouping Only"

   1.8 On the Quick Order it will show you now only the Category Group and once you click the specific Category Group name, it will show the sub category group.

1.9 When all your menu is already Categorised into a Group, it will show you as per below. Note that a plus (+) before the Category Group name means under it has multiple sub categories. Highlighted in black means selected Category Group and subcategory.

2.0 Optional Settings:

   2.1 You can create group of items and apply discount for a specific day and time.

         Example: All coffee items will be 15% off on Monday, 8:00am to 12:00pm.

   2.2 Create a Category Group name Coffee Promo

   2.3 Enter discount 15 (no need to put % sign after the number).

   2.4 Disable the Tue to Sun on the Availability and select Specific Time.

   2.5 Set the Start time and End Time and tap "OK"


   2.6 Don't forget to tap "Save and Exit"

   2.7 Below photo shows the Category Group "Coffee Promo" set as green color.

   2.8 Below shows when order is taken under the Coffee Promo, it will apply the discount price 15% off. And this will be available only on Monday 8:00am to 12:00pm

   2.9 You can apply also the setting of time availability on your menu for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

   2.10 For Ordering Station, on top it will show you Category Grouping. If you set the timing of each Category Group, it will also applies here. But for discount only applicable for Quick Order only.