Auto backup of menu & settings is done daily after closing of sales.

First time auto backup will create a file each day of the week (total of 7 files). On the succeeding week, will overwrite the files of the previous week. Example, the backup on this week Monday will overwrite the Monday backup file of the previous week. 

Setup procedure:

1. Create a Folder for your backup file. You can do that using the File Manager of your device.

2. Go to Setting=>This Device. Scroll down to "Backup"

3. Enable the "Run a full backup daily"

3. Tap "Edit" to locate the backup folder

4. Once folder is located, tap "OK"

5. To test, run manual backup by tapping "Backup to Local Storage"

6. Once backup is finish, go to the File Manage of your device and locate the backup folder. You should see a file same file format as below. The "5" indicates the day of the week.