For new setup, you can put your Control Station to Demo mode for the purpose of testing and training. On Demo mode your data will not be uploaded to the web portal. Will only be saved to the device. Once everything is settled and ok and you are ready to use the system for your business, you must change it to Live mode.

For Demo mode:

  1. Once you have download FoodZaps and registered/login and download/restore the menu, go to Setting>Plan & Billing>tap Cloud Setting>tap to change form Live to Demo. Note by default it is on Live mode.
  2. You can start to use your device not worrying the data used for testing or training will be send to web portal.

To go Live mode:

  1. If everything Ok and you want to go live, first you need to clear away the data. Go to Setting>This Device>select 'Delete Transaction' on the dropdown menu.

       2. After the data has been deleted, go to Setting>Plan & Billing>Cloud Setting>tap to change form Demo to Live

       Note: Once already turned to Live mode and used, you cannot go back to Demo mode. You can use Demo mode only once.