This is how to add simple modifiers/options to an item dish. Note that these type of modifiers/options does not affect the price of the main item.

1. Go to Setting>EMenu>select the item to add the modifier

2. Under the Advance Setup, enter the modifiers separated by "," without space. If multiple selection of modifier you put "," at the end of the last modifier.


    -  On Quick Order, once selected the item it will pop 

        up the list of modifiers. Just tap the applicable



   -  Sample below after selecting one of the modifiers

  -  For Ordering Station, you need to tap the paper clip 

      icon of the item to pop up the modifiers

    -  Sample below after selecting single modifier on 

       Ordering Station


    -  Once the modifiers pop up (Quick Order or on Ordering 

       Station), it will allow you to select multiple modifiers/options.

    - Sample below after selecting multiple modifiers on 

      Quick Order

 -  Sample below after selecting multiple modifiers on 

    Ordering Station

NOTE: For modifiers that will affect the price of the mains, must create each modifiers/options as another item and then put them as set item or set meal for the main item.