This is to show you how to create a basic item.

1. Go to Setting>EMenu

2. Click the Add button on top

3. Key in the name of the new item.

4. To add in a photo click the icon on the left of the item name.

5. Select where do you want to get the photo.

    - Take from camera - use the built in camera of the device (if there is) to take actual photo on the item

    - Select from the gallery - you can select photos saved on your device

    - Select from the web - you can search photo on the web

    - No Image - prefer not to put photo (use the default photo)

6. Once you have selected the photo, a box will appear to show you the area to be displayed. You can change the size of the box by dragging the corners or change the position of the box by dragging the box. Once you are ok with the area to be displayed, select 'Save'

7.  To assign the category, tap the current category (note default category is the first category on the list)


8. Refer to the photo below. Untick the current assign category and tick the appropriate one. Note that an item can assign to many categories.

9. You can change the sequence of categories on your menu by dragging up or down the Category name as per photo below.

10. To add another category just tap Add button at the bottom.

11. To edit the name of an existing category, just tap the category name to edit.

12. To add the price, go to the Price Tab

13.  Select the "Price Name" and enter the "Price Value". Note that you can customize the Price Name  

    - To customize the Price Name

14. To add another price, just tap the 'Add Price'

15. Next is go to the "PREPARE" Tab

16. You can put modifier/option for the item. Modifiers/Options will pop up when item is chosen during ordering (Only for main items. For set meal items, need to tap the "clip" icon to show the modifier)

      For common modifiers (set of modifiers that are repeating to two or more items), we recommend to create a group of modifiers. To create tap "Customize" >New Group 

Put the preferred name of the group of modifier. Note modifiers should be separated by comma "," without space.

For multiple selection of modifiers/options must put a comma "," at the end of the last modifier

17. Every item must assign a prepare station. To change just tap the current assigned prepare station.

18. To add anther prepare station, just tap Add at the bottom.

19. Save the created item by tapping Save & Exit