Before you will able to buy subscription plan, you must have an existing FoodZaps registered account. 

If you are not yet registered, follow this link (How to install and get FoodZaps started on my Android device?) on how to register using your device.

Alternatively go to Click on the "New to FoodZaps? Register here" and fill up the required information and then click "Sign Up"

Note: Buying subscription plan is buying a license on a specific Control Station ID. To view the Control Station ID of your device, you must go to Setting>Plan & Billing. Check the ID under "My Account"

To buy subscription using your device

1. Ensure your device can access the internet

    Go to Setting>Plan & Billing

2.  On the Plan & Billing screen, It will show you your registered email which is your account ID and the Control Station ID

     Tap the "Renew/Upgrade"

Or go to the dropdown menu on top and then "Renew/Upgrade"


3.  On the Plan & Billing web page,

            A. Select which plan suits your need - Entree Plan (limited features) or Full Course Plan (full features)

            B. Select how many additional device you want to sync to your control station (android devices mobile devices for waiters to take orders). Note that printer connections does not required additional payment

            C. Choose whether you need auto renewal of plan

            D. Then tap "Subscribe Now". If on step C you disable the auto renewal of plan, instead it will show "Buy Now"

4. Login to your PayPal account to make the payment.

5. Once payment is successful, you go to Setting>Plan & Billing>on the dropdown menu you select "Refresh Plan"

6. You can check whether your device has been updated with your new plan by scrolling down the Plan & Billing screen. It should show the plan you bought and the new expiry date.

If your plan was not updated on the device, try do Refresh Plan again after 5 to 10mins. If still your device was not updated please contact us at Provide us your Account ID and the Control Station ID of your device.