This is for establishments which have multiple POS systems (Cashier) but with only one Control Station. See illustration below as an example.


1. All devices are connected into one network

2. All devices have IP address reserved/fix.

Note: IP address designated below are just an example. It may vary depending on the settings of your network

Follow the steps below on how to set each POS to print receipt on their own printer

1. On the Control station, go to Setting>Receipt Report Printer

      Disable the "Printers are shared by all devices"

(Control Station - POS 1)

2. On all the client, tap "Reconnect" to update them to the new settings.

(Client -POS 2)

3. You can setup the Receipt/Report Printer on each client. Change the IP according to the IP address of its own receipt printer.

(Client - POS 2)

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