1) Tap on SETTINGS

2) Tap on EMENU

3) Name it as Set A

4) Tap on CATEGORY

5) Tap on ADD

6) Name it as Set Meals and tap OK

7) Untick the Coffee Category

8) Tick on the Set Meals and Tap OK

9) Tap on SAVE & EXIT

10) Tap on any drinks that you want to include in your set meals

11) Tap on COPY AS NEW

12) Tap on CATEGORY

13)Tap on ADD

14)Name it as Set Drinks & Tap OK

15)Untick Drink and tick Set Drinks and Tap on OK

16)Tap on PRICE & change the amount to 0 then click SAVE & EXIT

17)Tap on the food you want to include in your Set Food

18)Tap on COPY AS NEW

19)Tap on CATEGORY

20)Tick on ADD

21)Name it as Set Foods & Tap on OK 

22)Untick Salads and tick Set Foods and Tap on OK

23)Tap on PRICE & set the price to 0 then tap on SAVE & EXIT

24)Go To Set Meals & tap on SET A

25)Go to Price Tab & Tap on SET MEAL/SET ITEM

26) Tap SET MEAL

27) Search for Set

28)Select the quantity to 1 and tap on OK

29)Tap on OK

30)Set price to desired price

31)Tap on Prepare

32)Set which printer you want it to be printed at

33)Tap on Save & Exit

34)Go to quick order tab and you can see the Set A price and what it consists of

35)As you can see, there is Set Drinks & Set Food Category there

36)To remove it, go back to emenu and go to Set Drinks/Set Foods category. Untick the checkbox it will turn grey, do the same for Set Foods or Vice Versa.

37)Now go back to quick order tab, it should be gone already

38) Tap on Set Meals & pick how many quantities you are ordering