The Progress Station allows you to monitor progress by item Prepare Station and item Progress Status. 

For more information on Progress Station, refer to the section, Add/Editing Menu Item.

Progress Station allows you to view up to 10 item statuses in sequence:

1. Pending (including the following individual status). 

2. Waiting for confirmation 

3. Preparing 

4. Cooking 

5. Cooked 

6. Delivering 

7. Delivered 

8. Billed 

9. Paid 

10. Cancel Order 

Before getting started, you are required to select the types of status to be monitored 

according to your business needs:

1. To configure monitor status, Navigate to Setting > Order Configure

Under Progress Station, all available pending status are listed in sequence. 

2. Select the Pending Item progress to be monitored. 

3. Tap Save & Exit.