To select Progress to monitor, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Progress Station.  

The Progress Station page will be displayed.


2. Tap on the Progress to select the required status. For configuration on item Progress 

    Status, Refer to Section 6.3 Select Prepare Station and Progress Status for your Progress 


Pending status refers to all status that are in pending mode: 

- Waiting for confirmation 

- Preparing 

- Cooking 

- Cooked 

- Delivering 

- Delivered 

Non-Pending status refers to: 

 - Paid 

 - Cancel Order 


3. In the example here, Waiting for Confirmation status is selected.

4. Simply tap on any of the item tick () to mark it as Completed within the Progress Status 

    and item will be move to the next Progress Status.

5. Alternatively, tap on Item Name to select a Progress Status and the Item will be moved to 

    the selected Status.