Inventory module allows you to keep a detailed track of your inventory. Inventory supports up 

to ingredient level (e.g. baking of one cupcake will deduct: 10g flour, 2g sugar). It also assists 

you in keeping track of your pending products, products in progress and those that are not yet 

ready to sell (such as on-deliver items) and preparing in progress items (baking a cupcake). You 

can set to get warning alerts when a stock reaches a minimum quantity or set to get alert when 

someone is trying to order for an item with low inventory. 

Create the stock and link the dish with the stock. When the dish is cooked, it will be 

automatically deducted from the inventory according to the pre-set quantity. 

To manage Inventory, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Inventory.

The Inventory page will be displayed.


For more information, refer to the following sections. 


  • Sales Inventory Vs Pending Inventory 
  • Searching for a Stock 
  • Backup and Import Inventory Backup 
  • Creating a New Stock 
  • Editing a Stock 
  • Adding New Transaction 
  • Perform Stock Take 
  • Looking for All Menu Item Containing the Inventory Item 
  • Configure Menu Item Association with Inventory Item 
  • Deleting a Stock  
  • Pre Order 
  • Ingredients/Stock