To create a new stock, follow the steps given below.


1. Navigate to Inventory


The Inventory page will be displayed.

2. Tap New (). 

The Create Stock dialog will be displayed. 

3. Inventory Item Name: Enter the name of the stock in the text entry box. 

4. Show Inventory Price: Specify whether you wish to show price or not by tapping Yes or No 


5. Minimum Stock Level (Optional): Enter the minimum stock level (warning when below this 

    level) in the Minimum Stock Level text entry box. 

6. Inventory Item deducting Unit (Optional): Enter the unit of minimum stock level (Grams 

    (g) or Milliliter (ml)) in the Unit text entry box. 

7. Inventory Item Category (Optional): Enter the name of the category in the Category text 

    entry box.  

Scroll down for more options.

8. Inventory Item Supplier (Optional): Enter the name of the supplier in the Supplier text 

    entry box.  

9. Description (Optional): Enter any inventory item description in the Description text entry 


10. Tap Save.  

The new stock will be created.