• eMenu – Allows you to setup picture based menu in 3 simple steps. You will be able to 

custom your menu items from mobile, tablet or computer within minutes. Update menu 

items from time to time using your preferred language. You can also arrange dish in your 

preferred order. 

  • Ordering – Allows you to place order in the most efficient manner in real-time, thus avoiding 

delays and staff running back and forth. You can also customize the customer’s order by 

selecting various options from the pre-set modifier or adding specific instructions manually. 

Ordering supports set meal, various price for an item (Original price and top-up price for an 


  • Progress – Allows you to monitor your dish progress at various stages. It provides the 

flexibility for you to choose the progress status that is applicable to your business (e.g. 

Waiting for confirmation; Waiting to be cooked; Cooking; Waiting for delivery; Delivering; 

Delivered). View all order status by category / progress status / prepare station / table 

number and by dish name. 

  • POS – Allows you to easily setup any tablet or easy-to-carry android handset devices within 

minutes. Get real-time billing in different formats. You can also adjust the discount, tax/GST, 

additional charges or spilt the bill by dishes, amount or even use different payment types 

(e.g. Cash; Visa; Master Card; Tips – Visa; Tips-Master). Payment type supports 

direct/indirect revenue, allows you to keep track of your revenue flow in a more accurate 


  • Inventory – Allows you to keep detailed track of your inventory. Inventory supports up to 

ingredient level (e.g. baking of one cupcake will deduct: 10g flour, 2g sugar). Also assists 

you in keeping track of your pending products, products in progress and those that are not 

yet ready to sell (such as on-deliver items) and preparing in progress items (baking a 

cupcake). You can set warning alerts when a stock reaches a minimum quantity or set an 

alert when someone is trying to order an item with low inventory.

  • Report – Allows you to view the most comprehensive analytic reports with actionable 

information to assist you on improving your menu and service. Daily Sales report provides 

you with insights of your sales performance including hourly sales chart/ order summary/ 

payment summary/ waiter sales report/cashier sales report. Online report provides you with 

the accessibility to your on-going transactions/historical transactions, analytic reports based 

on selected date range with any web browser no matter where you are.