To add a new transaction, follow the steps given below.


1. Navigate to Inventory.


The Inventory page will be displayed.

2. Tap on the stock for which you wish to add a new transaction. 

The selected stock will be displayed.

3. Tap Details

The selected stock will be displayed in edit mode.

4. Tap New Transaction () in the Transaction Details section.



5. Tap Add

The New Transaction dialog will be displayed.

6. Tap In or Out to add a new transaction. 

7. Select the type of the transaction by checking the required option. The available options are 

    Purchase, Internal, Transfer, Return and User Defined.

8. Enter the quantity in the Quantity text entry box. 

9. Enter the reference number in the Reference No text entry box.  

10. Enter the comments if any, in the Comment text entry box.  

Scroll down for more options.

11. Set the transaction date in the Calendar section. 

12. Set the transaction time in the Clock section.  

13. Tap Save.  

The new transaction will be added.