You can install FoodZaps on your Android Device. You can download and install the application directly from our site in           the location, 


        Follow the steps given below: 

  1. Navigate to Play store or download and install from here: 
  2. Enter the keyword as FoodZaps in the search text entry box. 

        The Restaurant POS FoodZaps app will be displayed. 

       3. Tap on the app 

4. Tap Install

5. To allow access, tap Accept. 

The FoodZaps app will start to install.


Once installed, a confirmation message will be displayed. 

6. Tap Open. 

The FoodZaps app will be started with the slides. You can watch the intro slides by sliding left 

to see how easy it is to work with FoodZaps

7. Once done, tap START MY 7-DAYS FREE TRIAL. 

The registration screen will be displayed. For more information, refer to the section, Registering