To register FoodZaps, follow the steps given below. 

1. Download and open the FoodZaps app. 

The Register screen will be displayed. 

2. Enter the name of the user in the first text entry box. 

3. Enter the email address of the user.

4. Enter the password to log into the system. 

5. Re-type the password for confirmation. 

6. Click Register

Another way to register is using your Facebook account. Just click the Sign Up with Facebook button on the Register page

Then Login to your Facebook account

7. Click OK button once the registration is successful.

8. Select whether is your business is new or existing. 

9. Select what type of business you are running.

10. Click Let's Start! button. A sample menu will be setup for you to try. Click Restart Now button.

Once FoodZaps restarts, it will go through a series of tutorials. Just follow the instructions or you may skip the tutorial by clicking the Skip on the lower left corner.

Once you completed the tutorial for the simple taking order, it will prompt you if you want to continue the tutorial for the View of Sales Report and Create your first menu item. Just click will be the next or you may cancel the tutorial by clicking the I'm FoodZaps Ready! 

Your copy of FoodZaps will be registered. An email will be sent to your registered email with 

verification details. And now you have the right to access to your web portal to view your sales 

reports! (Login to web portal using your FoodZaps account via