Once an Inventory Item is created, an association will need to be established to Menu Item to 

indicate what inventory item and how much amount to deduct from inventory for every sales of a 

Menu Item. To associate Menu Item with Inventory Item, follow the steps given below. 


1. Navigate to Setting-> Menu

2. Open the desired Menu Item.

3. Tap on Set Meal/Inventory

The Set Meal / Inventory dialog will be displayed.

4. Tap Inventory

The Inventory list will then be displayed.

5. Look for the desired Inventory Item(s) and define quantity to be deducted for every sales of 

    the selected Menu Item. We set deduct quantity to 1 Sprite in this case. 

6. Inventory will be deducted once any Menu Item has been ordered and confirmed from 

    Progress Station Or Quick Order

Note: Any Cancel or Refund/Reopen will not cause any re-imbursement or revert of the 

inventory level. Therefore, Stock Take is strongly recommended to perform on a regular basis 

to keep the system update with the actual inventory quantity.


7. Tap Save

Once a sales is being made, transaction will be displayed under the associated Inventory Item 

under Sales tab as follow: