Note: Whenever your app is reset to factory settings or you are starting your app for the first 

time, you will be prompted to import sample menu or to create your own menu. 

To import sample menu item, follow the steps given below. 

To log into FoodZaps mobile app, follow the steps given below. 

1. As a first-time user, open FoodZaps app on your mobile, go through the startup tutorial or 

    tap Skip. 

The Register screen will be displayed. Scroll down and select Login Herebutton. The 

Login screen will be displayed.

 2. Login into the FoodZaps. For more information, refer to the section, Logging on to 


The Menu Setup page will be displayed. 

3. To import sample menu items, tap Download Sample Menu (). 

The Select Menu to Import dialog will be displayed. 

4. Tap on the menu to import. The available options are Cafe Menu with the sample menu of a 

    standard cafe and Cafe Menu + Inventory with standard sample cafe menu and sample 

    data for inventory. 

The selected menu will be downloaded. 

5. Once the menu is downloaded, the Restart App dialog will be displayed. 

6. Tap Restart Now!

The sample menu will be ready in your app for use.