From Setting > Ordering > Menu, you can add a new menu item.  Follow the steps given 

below to add a new menu item. 

1. Navigate to Setting

The Setting page will be displayed.

2. In the Ordering sub-section, tap () Menu.  

The Edit Menu page will be displayed.

3. Tap on the menu you wish to edit or tap on + NEW to add a new item. 

The Edit Menu page will be displayed.

4. Show () button – This switches to grey to disable from showing in menu and 

    switches to blue to display item in menu.


Note: Fill up compulsory fields to save an item. 

  •  No.4: Name 
  •  No.5: Item Picture 
  •  No.6: Price Name 
  •  No.7: Price Amount 

Refer below for detailed description of the compulsory fields: 

5. Enter the name 

(Note: Multi-Language printing is supported by graphic printer only). 

To print in multi-languages in both receipt and order slip, enter item name in the same line;  

To print different languages in order slip and receipt, split the item name into two lines: 

     - Line 1 : this line will be printed on receipt only 

     - Line 2 : this line will be printed on order slip only) 

6. Select/Take photo 

Tap on the () icon to change the photo of your new item.

The Select Image dialog will be displayed. 

Choose the desired method to update picture  

A. If you tap on Take from Camera 

     - You can take a photo of the item directly via your mobile/tablet camera. 

B. If you tap on Select from Gallery 

     - The gallery screen will be displayed and you can select the existing image of food 

        item from the gallery.  

     - (Note: Selection must be done from Album path instead of Recent path or Image 


C. If you tap on Select from Web 

     - The system will use the item name to search online, simply select a preferred image 

        from the search result. 

- The list of images will be displayed. 


7. From step A/B/C, tap on the image you wish to add and followed the procedure to crop 

    the image to ideal size.  


The image will be updated to the selected item. 


8. Select the Price Name  

    - Each Price Name is supposed to correspond with a Price Value (e.g. Small - $5; 

      Medium - $7 ; Large - $10). 

    - Each item supports up to 3 item prices. 

    - There are default options for Price Name (e.g. Standard, Small, Medium, Large). 

    - Tap Custom from the list to create your own price name. 

9. Enter Price Value for each Price Name.


10. Tap Add () to add a set of new Price Name and Price Value (supports up to 3 sets 

      per item). 

Note:  To delete a set of Price Name and Price Value, tap Delete (). 

11. Tap on Set Meal/Inventory to set up this Menu Item as a Set Meal, or Set Up Inventory 

      for stock track. 

For more information, refer to the following sections. 

  •  Setup Set Meal/Inventory 
  •  Setting up Inventory (Optional) 
  •  Setting up Inventory (Optional)