1. Tap Set Meal/Inventory

2. List of Inventory will be displayed. 

The Menu Item List dialog will be displayed.

3. Tap to add item quantity to be included in the Set Meal: 

    1 : item that is inclusive in the set meal with no additional charges, number defines how 

    many item to be included. 

    0 : Item that are optional with additional charges.  

(Note: To set optional item without additional charges, create item with price $0 and “hide” from 

the main menu using “hide/show” switch on Edit Menu page or “Tick” icon from Setting-Menu list 


4. To display optional items in separate categories during ordering, create and put optional 

    items into separate categories on menu item page. 

5. Tap on Save to save Set Meal setting. 

6. To choose an item category, tap on Category section. 

The list of Category will be displayed. 

A. To add a new category tap Add. Enter the name of the new category in the text entry 

     box. Tap OK. The new category will be added.  Select category(s) you want the item to 

     be displayed on menu and tap Save & Exit

 B. To arrange display/order slip printing sequence of category, tap and hold on the arrow 

    and drag the category up and down to the preferred order.  


    (Note: Sequence arranged from most frequently used category to less frequently used 

    item is recommended). 

Note: Now you have completed the basic setups for an item with the necessary fields. For a 

more advance setup [optional], refer to the steps given below.  

7. Tap Advance Setup.

8. Configure the following optional Setup: 

  •  Chef Recommended:  

             Turn on Chef Recommended icon to mark item as recommended item on menu. (Chef 

             recommended icon will be displayed on the item image in menu). 

  • Description

            Enter Item description, description will be shown at Order Configuration Page, 

            Description can searched during ordering. 

  • Barcode

            This is used to store Barcode for this item, if Barcode is applicable. For more 

             information, refer to the section, Using Barcode Scanner for Ordering. 

  • Options (Modifier)

            Here is where you pre-set a frequently used modifier for an item. For example, for steak, 

             you might want to pre-set modifier for tenderness: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium 

            Well, and Well. 

             To enable this, separate each modifier by commas “,”; 

             For checkbox (multi-selection), end modifier with commas “,”; 

9. Select Prepare Station

This indicates where the item will be printed out on the order slip (e.g. Kitchen, Drink Bar). This 

can also use to monitor your revenue flow from each prepare station in online portal. For more 

information on online portal, please refer to Online Store. (e.g. What’s the revenue generated 

from : Drink Bar, Salad Bar, Fried Station, Grilled Station). 

 (Note: Multiple Prepare Station and be setup to send to the same printer, refer to Setting-Order 


10. Tap on Prepare Station section. 

The Prepare Station dialog will be displayed.


11. Choose the Prepare Station(s) to be sent to. 

12. To add a new prepare station tap Add.  

13. Enter the name of the new prepare station in the text entry box. Tap OK.


The new prepare station will be added. 

Select the prepare station(s) you wish to add and tap Save & Exit

14. In the Rating section, select required rating. The available options are Hotness, Sweetness 

     and Custom (configure new rating). And select the rating you wish to give. 


Scroll down for more options.

15. In the Advance (Only available for registered user) section. 

o Stock Low Alert 

    - This feature enables auto-update item status on menu during ordering depending on 

       your Inventory status for this particular item. System will marked this item as out-of 

       stock when the feature is on or when the stock reaches your pre-define Stock Low 

       Quantity Level. 

    - (Note: System will provide reminder while still enable you  to order when the stock is 


  •  Off Alert: Disabled Auto-Alert feature. 
  •  Stock Low: Always Show Stock Low for this item. For more information refer 

             to the section, Perform Stock Take. 

  •  Inventory Level: Auto turn on Stock-Low warning when inventory of this item 

            reaches its Minimum Stock Level. For more information, refer to the section, 

            Setting up Inventory. 

o Open Item 

    - Refers to the item with unfixed price and unfixed name.

    - This option is usually enabled for temporary sales of items such as the items that are 

       off the menu. 

    - Switch option to Yes to enable this feature, once enable, item name and price can be 

       changed during ordering/billing under Edit Order


o Online Item 

    - Enable Online Item to show item to your online menu website. For more information, 

       refer to the section, Managing Website Menu. 

    - Order Item ID Prefix 

    - Edit/Add Order Item ID for the item, this ID will be published on your online menu 

      website for SMS ordering. For more information on how to setup SMS Ordering, and 

       how it works, refer to the section, Managing Website Menu. 

16. Tap Save & Exit

The new menu item will be created and updated.