FoodZaps allows various types of backup process: 

For more information, refer to the following sections.

  • Pending Backups 
  • Cloud Backups

Cloud Backup 

Online Cloud backup is available only for paid members. Details of Cloud Backup Orders will be 

shown on online portal ( in an hourly basis. For pending orders that are yet 

to be sent for backup, the app shows the specific number as Pending. This is also shown when 

internet is unstable or when it is down. The system will try to perform backup again, when the 

internet is in available status. 

External internet connection does not affect FoodZaps’ on floor ordering performance thanks to 

its special Patent-Pending technology. In the case when FoodZaps lost internet connection, 

sales transaction details will be kept on the tablet for up to 7 days. A Local Backup before the 

recovery of internet is recommended to off load the Android Device and keep it at its optimized 


Local Backup 

Local Backup is recommended when there’s a big change in menu or user is trying to do an app 

reset. By doing local backup, all data in the device including menu, inventory and existing will be 

copied to a zip file for a future full restore. For more information, refer to the section, Local