From Setting > Ordering > Order Configure, you can configure settings related to table 

arrangement, order status and end of day report. 

1. Navigate to Setting

The Setting page will be displayed. 

2. In the Ordering sub-section, tap () Order Configure.  

The Order Configure page will be displayed. 

3. In the Table section, enter the number or text of table you wish to use by separating each 

    table with commas in the Arrangement text entry box. (e.g.VIP,VIP2,BAR1,BAR2). 

4. In the End of Day section, enter the starting and ending report time in the Generate Report 

    Time text entry boxes.   

    Generate Report Time refers to the auto daily sales report generation and email sending 


    For example, in the case above, auto report generate time would be from 00.00 to 23.59 



Note: It is recommended to set Generate Report Time to be 2 hours after closing or last shift. 


5. Shift Report 

    YES: Disable auto daily sales report closing, user will need to manually close report for each 

    shift, when the timing reaches “Generate report time”, system will ONLY compile the shift 

    report that has been manually closed for the day and send out daily sales email. 

    NO: Enable auto daily sales report closing, system will auto-close daily sales report at the 

    preset Generate Report Time and send out daily sales email. 

6. Auto Remove Pending Order (Forced open when Shift Report is ON) 

    YES: Auto clear pending orders when on Generate Report Time and marked orders as 


    NO: Does not auto clear pending orders, orders remain on Order Station/Quick Order until 

    the next modify by user. 

Scroll down for more options.

7. In the Progress Station section, select the type of status to monitor by choosing the boxes 

    in the required option(s). The available options are Waiting for Confirmation, Waiting to 

    be Cooked, Cooking, Cooked. Waiting for Delivery and Delivering.  

8. In the Advanced Permission section, specify whether or not to allow the editing of price 

    while ordering, by tapping Yes or No in the field.  

9. Specify whether or not to allow the editing of quantity after the food is cooked by tapping 

    Yes or No in the field.  

10. Tap Save & Exit

The changes made to order configuring will be updated.