From Setting > Billing/Receipt > Receipt Configure, you can edit receipts and currency 


To configure receipt, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Setting

The Setting page will be displayed.

2. In the Billing/Receipt section, tap () Receipt Configure.


The Receipt Configure page will be displayed. 

3. Tap Logo to edit the logo in the logo field. 

The Select Image dialog will be displayed. 

4. You can take image from camera, select from gallery or you can select no image option.  

    The available options are Take from Camera, Select from Gallery and No Image.  

  •  If you tap on Take from Camera 

                      You can take a photo of the item directly via your mobile/tablet camera. 

  •  If you tap on Select from Gallery 

                      The gallery screen will be displayed and you can select the existing image of 

                       logo from the gallery.  

                       (Note: Selection must be done from Album path instead of Recent path or 

                       Image path). 

  •  If you tap on No Image 

                      The system will configure the receipt without logo. 

5. Enter the name, address, telephone number and email address text to print below the logo 

    in the Print below the Logo text entry box. 

6. Enter the thank you message to print at the bottom in the Print Text at the Bottom

Scroll down for more options. 

7. Waiter Name  

     To print waiter name on the bottom of the receipt, enter “SERVED BY %s”. 

8. Print Cashier Name 

    To print waiter name on the bottom of the receipt, enter “PRINTED BY %s”. 

9.  In the Currency section, enter the currency country and language in the Currency Country 

     & Language text entry box.  

10. Enter the currency symbol in the Symbol text entry box. (E.g. USD, $ etc.) 

      This symbol is going to show on billing page and to be printed on receipt. 

11. Tap Save & Exit

The changes made to the receipt settings will be configured.