Before you start, make sure all devices are connected under the same WIFI and your Control 

Station is in Controller mode. (Can be configured under controller Setting->This Device- 

>Switch to Controller). 

To synchronize menu between control station and client, follow the steps given below. 

1. On control station, navigate to Setting > This Device.

This Device page will be displayed. 


2. Note the control station IP address. 

3. Now login to Client Device. 

Reset the device if you have not done so. For more information, refer to the section, 

Resetting/Restoring Data. 

4. After resetting the device, open FoodZaps and skip the tutorial page. 

5. On the Register page, tap on the top-right drop-down button and select Client Mode 

The Setup Client dialog will be displayed. 

6. Enter your controller IP address to establish connection 

The Client Request dialog will be displayed. 

7. Tap Grant. 

8. On Client Device, tap Sync from Controller and restart the application once the menu is 

    100% synchronized. 

Now you are ready to go with your group of connected devices!