The Order Station section allows you to place order by selecting the order table. You can also 

customize the customer’s order by selecting various options from the pre-set modifier or adding 

specific instructions manually. Ordering supports set meal, various price for an item (Original 

price and top-up price for an item). 

To manage order station, follow the steps given below 

1. Navigate to Order Station 

The Order Station page will be displayed. 

From here all of your tables will be displayed. You can place a new order for a table from this 

Progress Tab

In Order Station, you will be able to manage Progress orders(on-going orders) and Paid 

orders (historical order keep up to 7 days on the tablet). For more information, refer to the 

following sections. 

  • Managing Progress Tab  
  • Creating New Order 
  • Billing and Payment 
  • Managing Order 
  • Managing Paid Tab