The Progress tab shows all current orders. It allows you to place customer orders, track orders 

at various stages and manage those orders in the most efficient manner in real-time. You can 

customize the customer’s order by selecting various options from the pre-set modifier or adding 

specific instructions manually. 

1. Navigate to Order Station

The Progress tab in the Order Station will be displayed by default. 

The Progress tab shows all the current orders for each of the table. The table layout and status 

differ based on the table preferences and order status. The table number can be configured 

from Setting > Order Configure > Arrangement.

You can start an order, add special requests, manage group and confirm order and billing. To 

manage orders, refer to the following sections: 

  • Table Layout 
  • Table Color Code 
  • Progress Status – Status Bar 
  • Managing Table Number 
  • Changing Table Status