From Setting > Printer/Device > Receipt/Report Printer, you can configure the printer for 

printing of Receipt and Daily Reports. 

Note : To print receipt and report from separate printers, configure both prints under the 

Receipt/Report Printer, otherwise, leave the second printer “Report Printer” blank. 

To configure receipt/report printer, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Setting

The Setting page will be displayed.

2. In the Printer/Device section, tap () Receipt/Report Printer


The Receipt/Report Printer page will be displayed.

3. Specify whether or not printers are shared by all devices by tapping Yes or No in the 

    Printers are Shared by all Devices field (Recommended to set as yes) 

4. In the Receipt Printer + Cashier Drawer section, 

    This printer setting is set to print all receipts and can be used to print daily sales report. 

    Select the printer brand and printer paper size from the Brand drop down list.  

5. Connection: FoodZaps Supports Following Connection of Receipt Printing/Sharing:

  • WLAN Printer Printing (Thermal / Dot-Matric Printer) 
  • Send Receipt via Email 
  • Image Sharing (Android App/Email) 


  • WLAN Printer Printing (Thermal / Dot-Matric Printer)


6. If your printer is already connected to the same network as your device, tap on Search (

    ) to select connection type in the Connection field. 

Note:  Printer and Device must connect in the same network for them to work seamlessly.


7. Printer Setup dialog box will appeared, enter the last digit of your printer IP Address if it’s 


    Alternatively, Tap on Scan to search for the IP Address of the available Printer within your 


8. Once an IP Address is scanned or entered. Identify the Dot/Char per line for your Printer 


9. If you do not know the connected printer’s Dot/Char printing capability per line. Tap on 

   “Test” for printing capability test. 

    Printing test will begin and the following testing slips will be produced: 

Two types of printing method are commonly supported by printer (Depending on your printer 


  • Text Print: Prints text in Text mode, and DOES NOT support logo / multi-language 

           printing (Default language is English) 

  • Graph Print: Prints text in Graphic mode, supports logo printing and multi

            language(s) printing 

Refer to the testing slip shown above: 

Page 1: Printer Setting Testing Print for Text Print 

A. Testing of Number of Char per Line first digit 

    Number is 4 in this case 


B. Testing of Number of Char per Line second digit 

    Number is 8 in this case 

    Enter “48” in Dot/Char per line in this case 

For BIG FORNT printing Text Print: 

C. Testing of Dot/Char per Line first digit 

    Number is 8 in this case 


D. Testing of Dot/Char per Line second digit 

    Number is 9 in this case 

    Enter “49” in Dot/Char per line in this case 


E. Auto Cut Testing  

    Refer your printed testing slip to view if printer supports auto cut (printing slip will being 

    cut if this is supported by printer) 

Page 2: Printer Setting Testing Print for Graphic Print 

F. Test Open Drawer  

    If Cashier Drawer is connected to printer, printer opens during testing 


G. Test Beeper 

     If Beeper is connected to printer, beeper should be alerted 


H. Testing of Dot/Char per Line 

     Enter “576” in Dot/Char per line in this case 


  • Send Receipt via Email 

Configure the setting as follow: 

A. Brand: Epson 80mm

B. Connection: email:email subject:email address 

(email address can be optional, enter multiple email separated by ",") 

C. Dots/Char per line: 576 


Send Receipt via Android App (e.g. Watsapp, Wechat, Facebook Massager 


Configure the setting as follow:


A. Brand: Epson 80mm

B. Connection: share:title 

C. Dots/Char per line: 576

 9. Specify whether you wish to convert to English text or not by checking the box in the 

     Convert to English Text field. 

10. In the Report Printer (Optional) section, enter the details. 

      For more information on printer configuration, please refer to first section of Setting - 

      Receipt/Report Printer 

11. Select the Additional Feature under “Print Receipt” 


     Print + Paid (Order Station)  

     Enabled Print+Paid Button in Order Station to facilitate Printing of Receipt and Mark Order 

     as Paid at the same time. 


     Paid (Quick Order) 

     Enable Paid Button in Quick Order to facilitate Printing of Receipt and Mark Order as Paid at 

     the same time.  


12. Tap Save & Exit

The receipt or report setting will be configured.