From Setting > Printer/Device > Device Specific User Interface, you can edit user 

experience configuration specific to this device. 

To configure device specific user interface, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Setting

The Setting page will be displayed.

2. In the Printer/Device section, tap () Device Specific User Interface.  

The Device Specific User Interface page will be displayed. 

3. In the System section, specify whether or not to disable all notification including error by 

    tapping Yes or No in the Silent Mode field.  

4. Specify whether or not the FoodZaps can be shown in full screen by tapping Yes or No in 

    the Show FoodZaps in Fullscreen field. 

Note:  For this, you need to reset the app. For more information, refer to the section, 

Resetting/Restoring Data. 

5. Specify whether or not to show quick order only by tapping Yes or No in the Show Quick 

    Order Only field.  

6. In the Order Station field, specify whether or not order quantity can be automatically added 

    when clicked on the item in the Ordering Station by tapping Yes or No in the For Ordering 

    Station, Auto Add Order Quantity When Clicks on the Item field.  

7. Specify whether or not to use categorized set meal optional items for order taking by tapping 

    Yes or No in the For Order Taking, categorized the set meal optional items field.  

8. Specify whether or not to force exit even when the status of the items have changed during 

    checkout/billing by tapping Yes or No in the During Checkout/Billing, Force Exit When 

    the Status of the Items Have Changed field. 

Scroll down for more options.

9.  In the Quick Order section, specify whether or not automatically save quick order when the 

     back button is pressed by tapping Yes or No in the Quick Order Auto Save When The 

     Back Button Is Pressed field.  

10. Enter the IP address or port number in the Customer Display Terminal text entry box.  

11. Set the item size for quick order by moving the mouse cursor to the required size in the 

      Quick Order Item Size button. 

12. Tap Save & Exit

The changes made to device specific user interface will be configured.