To make billing & payment to the selected order, follow the steps given below 

1. Navigate to Order Station. 

The Order Station page will be displayed.

2. Tap the table for which you wish to edit its order 

The Select Order to Proceed dialog will be displayed. 

3. Tap on the existing confirmed order to enter to billing page. 

The selected order will be displayed with billing information and order item details at below 

Note: For Merge Order/Bill, refer to the section, Merging Multiple Orders in Table. 

4. In the Sub Total section, tap Editto edit apply discount to the existing bill. 

    For more information on applying discount, refer to the section, Adding Discount by Item. 

    For more information on restricting discount rights to different login user, refer to the section, 

    Adding Discount by Item. 

    For more information on editing Tax on bill, refer to the section, Setting - Payment Type. 

5. In the Total section, select the Payment Type received from the drop down list. In the 

    example here, Cash is selected. For more information on add/configure a Payment Type, 

    refer to the section, Setting - Payment Type. 

6. Enter the amount received, any Change/Under-Payment will be shown below the payment 


7. Payment Note (Optional): Additional payment note can be recorded here for any payment 

    footnotes such as reasons for discount given, the Payment Note will be recorded and 

    displayed under each order in Daily Sales Report and FoodZaps Portal 


8. To add a payment note, in the Change section, tap on Payment Note field. 

The Enter Additional Payment Note dialog will be displayed. 

9. Enter Payment Note and tap OK to save Payment Note. 

10. Agent Code (Optional) : The Agent Code is used to tag a sales to an agent/promoter who 

     does not have a FoodZaps user login account (i.e. neither cashier nor waiter), the Sales of 

     Agent will be summarized in Report (Print Agent Sales Details) to compute how much sales 

     is made based on the Agent Code. For more information, refer to the section, Setting - 

     Receipt/Report Printer 

11. Tap on Agent Name or Code field. 

The Enter Agent Name/Code dialog will be displayed. 

12. Enter the agent name or code in the text entry box 

13. Tap OK. 

For more information on Agent Code, and pre-configure list of Agent refer to the section, Setting 

- Receipt/Report Printer. 

14.To print the bill, tap on Print Bill.

15.To add new order, tap on Add New Order (). 

16.Confirm the newly added order. For more information, refer to the section, Step 7: Confirm 


17. After editing the selected order, repeat the billing steps. For more information, refer to the 

      section, Billing & Payment. 

For more information, refer to the following sections. 

  • Splitting Bill by Ordered Item 
  • Splitting Bill by Ordered Item Quantity 
  • Splitting Bill by Total Amount (Payment Type)
  • Recording Bill with Tips 
  • Adding Discount By Item 
  • Adding Discount By Total Bill 
  • Marking Item as Complimentary