To split bill by ordered item, follow the steps given below 

1. Navigate to Order Station. 

The Order Station page will be displayed. 

2. Tap the table, the order of which you wish to split bill by payment type 

The Select Order to Proceed dialog will be displayed. 

3. Tap on the existing order. 

The selected order will be displayed in edit mode 

4. To add discount by percentage, tap More > Split Bill. 

The Split Bill page will be displayed. 

5. Tap Select All To select all items. 

6. Tap Unselect All to Unselect all items. 

7. Tap on the individual item to select/unselect the item be spilt into another bill. 

8. Tap on Done once selection is made. 

The Split Order dialog will be displayed. 

9. Tap Yes to confirm the split of order in the pop-up box. 

The selected orders will be split into a new order under the same table.