A spilt of quantity will need to be perform first if you intend to spilt an item with multiple quantity 

into a new order. 

To split bill by ordered item quantity, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Order Station

The Order Station page will be displayed. 

2. Tap the table, for the order of which you wish to split bill. 

The Select Order to Proceed dialog will be displayed. 

3. Tap on the existing order 

The selected order will be displayed in edit mode. 

Scroll down for more options. 

4. Tap on the item, you wish to edit. 

The selected order will be displayed 

5. Tap Split By Quantity. 

The Split Bill page will be displayed. 

6. Split the bill by dragging and adjusting the slider button 

7. Tap Split. 

The selected item will be spilt with the specified quantity.