To split bill by total amount (payment type), follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Order Station. 

The Order Station page will be displayed. 

2. Tap the table for which you wish to edit its order. 

The Select Order to Proceed dialog will be displayed. 

3. Tap on the existing confirmed order to enter to billing page. 

The selected order will be displayed with billing information and order item details at below 

4. Tap on Add Payment Type (to add a new Payment Type row. 

5. To split bill equally into the added Payment Type entries, tap on (). 

    Total bill amount will then be equally distributed into the created payment entry column, with 

    control on payment round. 

    (Note: All remaining decimals that cannot be further divided will be distributed to the last 

    payment type row in the list.) 

6. Tap on Delete (to delete a created Payment Type row.

7. For each row, tap on Payment Type to select the respective payment type

    (For more information on Configuration on Payment Type, refer to the section, Setting - 

    Payment Type. 

8. Enter payment collected for each payment type. 

    (Note: It is important to enter amount collected for each Payment Type collected, to ensure 

    system has accurate sales revenue summary for each Payment Type under daily report) for 

    more information, refer to the section, Setting > Report .