1. Simply create different payment type for your tips (Setting->Payment Type), mark your tips 

    as Indirect Payment and FoodZaps Report will separate it from your revenue. 

For More information on configuring on Payment Type, refer to the section, Setting - Payment 

Type. For example, create payment type for tips: Tips - Visa (Use to record Tips collected from 


(Note: You can create one tips payment type for each of your payment type). 

2. On billing page, when a dinner is paying the bill with tips, select the payment type for bill 

    settlement (e.g.visa, if the bill is settled by credit card, tap Exact to mark the exact paid bill 

    amount or enter manually. 

3. Tap on Split Bill to add an additional payment type to the bill and select the Tips Payment 

    type (e.g. Tips-Visa) and indicate the tips amount. Go ahead to mark your bill as paid using 

    Paid or Print-Paid (print receipt at the same time) 

4. On your receipt, tips will be shown clearly and separately 

5. On your daily sales report, recorded tips will then be displayed separate from your revenue 

    as Indirect Revenue, and displayed according to the payment type you've created for Tips.