From Setting > System > This Device, you can view device nickname, app version, unique 

device ID. 

To configure this device, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Setting.  

The Setting page will be displayed. 

2. In the System section, tap () This Device.  

This Device page will be displayed.

3. You can edit the nick name in the Nickname text entry box. 


The Device Nickname dialog will be displayed. 

4. Enter the nick name of the device in the Device Nickname text entry box.  

5. Tap Save

The nick name of the device will be updated. 

6. In the Serial Number section, this is your unique ID which identify the device. 

7. In the Application section, you can view the application version details and tap Update to 

    update the application. 

8. Tap Open.  

The application will be updated.