Once an order is created, you can do multiple tasks with the selected order. You can add a new 

order to an order that is already placed. You can add a new item to an existing occupied table, 

but make it into separate order (bill), 

For more information, refer to the sections 

  • Adding New Order to Existing Order 
  • Adding New Order to Occupied Table as Separate Order (Bill) 
  • Editing Confirmed Order 
  • Sending Real-Time Message to Ordering Printer (by Respective Prepare Station)
  • Re-Printing an Order 
  • Merging Multiple Orders in Table
  • Printing/Reprinting Bill 
  • Setting Status/Progress 
  • Bookmarking/Un-bookmarking an Order 
  • Copying Order as New Order 
  • Adding Order to Contact 
  • Cancelling an Order