From Setting > System > Connected Devices, you can manage list of connected devices. 

To configure connected devices, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Setting.  

The Setting page will be displayed.

2. In the System section, tap Connected Devices (). 


Connected Devices page will be displayed.

3. Tap on Delete to remove a device from your connection. When you encounter errors for the 

    device reaching the maximum connection number due to the limitation on your FoodZaps 

    Subscription Plan, you can delete a device that is not in use from here. 

From here, you can view connected devices.

4. To reconnect, tap Reconnect (). 

The connection has been reconnected.

5. To delete all clients, tap Delete All ().  

The Remove Client dialog will be displayed.

6. Tap Yes

All clients are removed.  

7. To connect to Wi-Fi, tap Wi-Fi (). 

8. To set date and time, tap Date and Time ().